Thursday, January 28, 2010

Owning a "Rescue"

Lexi was a rescue.

The trouble with a rescue, is that you don't know their history, in this case ANY of her history.

What I do know:
- She came from the States (North Dakota apparently)
- According to the vet, she will be 2 this year
- She is NOT preggers

The reason I wonder about her past... Her best buddy that she was rescued with, who is the same age, is in foal. She is due in March, and she won't even be 2 yet. My best guess as to why Lexi isn't preggers is because she has a wicked KICK. I kid you not. She has kicked out at both of my BO's at feeding time.

That leads me to wonder... She is a little feed aggressive. Not unsafe. But when she is at her round bale, she does NOT like it when I come put a halter on her, she makes it clear (yet she has never attempted to kick me). She has kicked out at the BO's at feeding time. I wonder if she is food aggressive due to the fact that she was starved for so long. Perhaps she still worries that we will stop feeding her?

There is so much I wonder.
Was her birth planned? Who were her parents? What was the first year of her life like? HOW did she get in the situation she was in? How big is she going to get? (I'm really hoping she hits 15hh!) Is she HAPPY now?

Isn't it hard being a mother to these quiet kids?


  1. Denali was SUPER aggressive at feeding time and was a walking demolition service. Be dominent and don't let her act that way. I'd bet you're right that she was starved, or the low man on the totem pole. It's so sad that such a sweet looking horse was sent for slaughter. Kudos to you for saving her!

  2. IF she's not happy..she will be. You care enough and that will change any horse into a happy one.