Saturday, January 23, 2010

My introduction

I've decided to start a horse-related blog of my own.

It will follow my 2 mares (a rescues, and a green TB) while I attempt to regain my confidence after a bad hose-related fall.

Did the alarm bells go off yet? I just said I own a GREEN TB and I have no confidence.

Boy will this ever be fun.

Let me introduce Lexi.

She will be 2 in April. I rescued her in September 2009, when she was shipped up from the states into Canada and was destined for the slaughter house. She is personality plus and is quite the pocket pony. Currently she is enjoying being a horse, while learning manners.

My newest addition (as in, still not officially off her trial period) is Leah. She is a 7 year old Thoroubred mare, who did race as a youngster (Tia Rose).

She is everything I didn't want. She's a mare, and she's a bay. But when I saw her, there was something special about her.

She is quite green, but has the best mind I think I've ever seen on a horse. She is so very co-operative!
Happy Trails All!

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  1. When I was thinking about buying a horse I wanted a grey gelding, older, been there done that... Well, I've seen you've joined my blog so you know what I got!! :)