Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Perfect Horse

It sure appears that I'm not good at this blogging thing. Boy does life get crazy in a hurry!

First, my car died. There about 1,303,968 versions of cars you can buy, and it's hard to pick one!

With that said, I had to make the incredibly difficult decision of sending Leah, the thoroughbred mare I had on lease, back to her real home.
I had leased her with the hopes of purchasing her as my 'riding' horse, since I won't be riding Lexi for a few years.

It's so hard finding THE horse. I don't think any horse will be perfect, but they can be pretty close to it (in our minds).

I'd love to hear everybody's stories on how they ended up with their particular horse(s).

Unfortunately I am going to have to put buying a second horse on the back-burner for a while so that I can pay off the car.

How did you find your horse? Word of mouth? Internet?


  1. I fell in love with Gwen the first time I ever laid eyes on her. Since her breeder didn't have the time or money for her (and is a family member), he gave her to me along with her brother. If I were out horse shopping and had seen them would I have bought them? Maybe not. But I've got them now and I couldn't love them more.

  2. I found Gem on the internet. I had started looking probably 5 months before I actually found him. There were lots of horses that I was interested in, but I had an experienced horsewoman friend be my sanity check for each and every one of them. Knowing what I know now (which is not much!), I am glad she was brutally honest with me. I'm glad that she agreed that Gem was the one for me.